Although there is no charge for street parking in Historic Downtown Manassas, all public parking is in timed areas. Be sure to read the hourly information signs before you park.

Visiting for a day or traveling to other areas, the City of Manassas offers numerous parking options in the Historic Downtown area. The museums, shops and restaurants are all within a short walking distance from public parking. All day parking is available in the parking garage for free after 10 a.m., in any space on any level during the week. The parking garage is free to the public anytime on the weekends.

Parking For Amtrak

Come to the Visitor Center the day before you travel and we will issue a parking permit for the AMTRAK spaces in parking  lot B.  A copy of your boarding pass is also sufficient as a parking permit in the AMTRAK spaces. If this creates a hardship, please call 703-361-6599.

Train Information

Historic Manassas is not affiliated with Amtrak or VRE. We are not ticket agents or customer service agents for either train system. However, we will be happy to help you find the correct information.

Parking For VRE

Commuter parking permits are only available from Manassas City Hall. Call 703-257-8200. Click here to visit the City of Manassas web site. If you need information on VRE, click here.