Hinterland Gardens

Hinterland Gardens
Business Name: Hinterland Gardens
Details: Hinterland is offering Their $3 and $8 bouquets
Hydroponic bib lettuce $1 per head
Kettle corn $4 per bag
They will need orders by 6pm on Fridays.
Email to order. hinterlandgardens@gmail.com

Hinterland Gardens is your Kettle corn and Small Bouquet of flowers Vendor on Saturdays.

Bibb Lettuce for $1 ??? Yes that is correct.

When you stop by to see him ask him about his Hobbit house. Yes he has a hobbit house he built on his land that he will soon be renting out for a unique weekend experience. Then make sure to buy his Kettle Corn Great prices on everything and a nice, good nature man.

  • Hinterland Gardens
  • Hinterland Gardens