Honeycomb Heroes (Honey)

Honeycomb Heroes (Honey)
Business Name: Honeycomb Heroes (Honey)
Details: Local honey to help with those allergies. Order on their website for Pick up at the Saturday Market 10am-1pm


VET owned Honeycomb Heroes returns to your market with their all natural local honey from their bees.
 Stock up on local honey!  Local honey can help your family with allergies year round. And because we only sell only what’s in season, we guarantee you the freshest honey.
      Also fresh from the hives are lotions, lip balms, and sunscreen, that are based on 100% beeswax provides you with natural and quality products for your household.
Welcome them back and try out their honey. Trying is free and delicious.

Phone Number: (910) 478-6194
Address: 17 Waterfall Ln,
Stafford, VA 22554
  • Honeycomb Heroes (Honey)
  • Honeycomb Heroes (Honey)