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EAW Tech
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EAW Tech
EAW Tech is an IT Consulting and Solutions company with a focus on small and medium-sized companies in the private sector in Downtown Manassas. It is founded on the idea that reliable IT support requires a comprehensive approach to understanding a client’s technology vision and how it best fits within their work processes. EAW Tech accomplishes this by applying a technical solution that fits within that vision through a consistent IT dialogue.

Eric chose to build his company in Manassas to serve and support the small and medium size companies that are being overlooked by other IT firms who focus their marketing and sales efforts on larger accounts closer to DC.

“Manassas has given me a network of entrepreneurs who return their investment back towards other companies within the community and I intend for EAW Tech to do its part to serve Manassas, as it grows with community outreach and job creation.”

– Eric Wolpert

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9071 Center Street
Manassas, VA
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