Coffee Llamas LLC

Coffee Llamas LLC
From farm to cup our beans are sourced organic, chemical free and fairly traded. Our beans are then roasted, grinded if needed and packaged with love and care. Our process maintains the health benefits of coffee while ensuring every sip delights our customers’ taste buds!


New to our market this year, be sure to swing by Coffeellamas! Where decaf doesn’t taste like decaf! They focus on decaf and half caff organic beans and enjoy expanding your knowledge on why you should incorporate decaf into your routine! You can even order online and collect at the market. Shop here:

The idea of Coffee Llamas came to our Chief Decaf Coffee Connoisseur in a dream. Yes that’s right…a dream which shortly became her reality after becoming pregnant and her body suddenly becoming caffeine sensitive. This then led to her search for the finest, most delectable cup of decaf coffee! Over time seeking out reputable suppliers/farmers, researching and testing various roasting profiles all in the quest to create the best decaf (and half-caff!) blends! And once our CDCC found what she was looking for (that perfect cup), she knew she then had to share it with the world! And there you have it- Coffee Llamas was born!

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