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Wizards of Center Street

First Friday Scavenger Hunt October 1st

No entry fee
Deadline for vendor entry September 25, 2021.

Enter online at: N/A

All vendors will receive a print out of their randomly assigned wizard, an information card for their wizard and Harry Potter Trading Cards as well as other prizes.

There are wizards hiding in the stores on Center Street and we need you to help us find them. If you can find them and correctly guess what type of wizard they are you can win prizes such as Harry Potter Trading Cards. There are 7 types of wizards to find; Bards, Mystics, Shamans, Adepts, Thaumaturgists, Druids, and Alchemists. The wizards also brought unicorns for the children to ride. Join in and help us find the wizards!

Rules: Players must go into the stores of Center Street and find the cutout of the wizard, then they must think carefully and ask the vendor ONE yes or no question, and if they guess correctly they win a prize!

Prizes are limited to 1 per person per correct answer. (While supplies last)

Time: For children the game begins at 6pm and for adults it begins at 7pm, the game ends at 9pm.

Venue: Non-restaurant stores on Center Street, Manassas.

Specific stores: Totally Vintage, Kerbobble Toys, Shining Sol, Manassas Clay, Scattered Seeds, Popcorn Monkey, Things I Love, Knock on Wood