Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Charlie Patullo – Board President

Chuck Rector – Vice President

Nancy Lindgren – Treasurer

Fatima Pereira-Shepherd – Secretary

Bryn Compton

Vincent Consumano

Charles Gilliam

Andrew Harrover

John Heltzel

Nora Jewell

Patrick King

Patrick Langdon

Jimmy Lunsford

Patrick Small

Ed Spall



Debbie Haight

Executive Director

Erin Beckman

Visitor Center Manager & Farmer’s Market Coordinator

Nicole Ruggiero

Events Coordinator 

David Rhodes

Events Coordinator 

  • Discover the Charm of Historic Downtown Manassas

    Our Mission Statement:
    Historic Manassas, Inc. engages the community to promote, preserve and enhance our vibrant Historic Downtown.

    Only 30 miles from the nation's capital and a short ride from the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, the superb variety of shops, museums, galleries and restaurants, combined with its robust calendar of festival and events, offers an endless source of interest and fun.

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